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Get leads for your business

Our PPC Services Process

Market Research

Our Agkiya Media team do market research properly then make their strategy about your product and services. In-depth analysis of your SEO and PPC accounts with 60 minutes of execution assistance. Conversion and call tracking setup: know which keywords generate leads and customers.

Competitors Research

Our team also research for your competitors how they are going and processing however deeper analysis requires tools and expertise that your competitors do not have as they don’t need them in the day-to-day running of their business but we do so.

Create High Performing Ad

Ad is a very important strategy in the online business. Our social media team create a unique ad for your business. Agkiya Media is the best PPC company in Patna.

Tracking Ad

Our Agkiya Media team is always tracking your website i.e. how much visitors visiting your website, how much followers are following your website, likes and ads all this PPC work done by our team.

Manage Campaign

A maximum number of people spend two hours on social media sites each day. Our team start campaign about your product and services in the social media to target your customers by the keywords they type into the search bar, meaning it’s the best way to grab someone’s attention at the moment they’re looking for your product or services.

Create Report

Our team make daily, weekly and monthly reports about your website to track your progress.

Our PPC Services Include


Search Advertising

Search advertising is one of the easiest methods where you can gain more traffic for your website. You have to simply set up all the ads that you want along with your special keywords and how many clicks you want to pay for it. If you are successful in doing this we can assure you that you will get more visitors to your website that you are paying for which also means you will increase your sale easily. So come and contact us to gain more profit.


Display Advertising

Display advertising on your websites or social media page through banners or other ad formats made of text, flash, images, video, and audio. The main purpose of display advertising for our company is to deliver general advertisements and brand messages for your customers. We can assure you that the ad that you are interested in putting up is on the top sites and in the best positions.


Product List

These days when you are running your own business you always think about ROI as competition is on a high level so when your customers are searching for some specific things like school, dance academy, doctors, gym, the restaurant then they will look at these ads first. We always use display ads for your business so that visitors get attracted and that they click on to visit your website.



If you are interested in bringing back your customers who have visited your site then this is the best way as we will use display type advertisement to bring back those users by using retargeting. This type of ad will allow you to remind your customers about your company. As there is always a chance of converting the view to a sale. This is a great process where we can help you out in your business.

Why Your Business need PPC Service?

Nowadays, PPC is indeed a very straightforward and correct platform for online advertising with no hidden complexities. In PPC, the advertiser you only have to pay when the viewer clicks on your ad. From Agkiya Media you can set your financial plans for PPC advertising and can even control the complete expenses. You have all the power to set the budget according to your needs and plans. We will easily edit your budget according to requirement and whenever necessary. Our PPC permits precise targeting with keywords, interests, and demographics. If you have any idea about PPC that it is the fastest platform to run ad campaigns and to get immediate traffic from it.
You can easily set up a PPC campaign for half an hour. PPC has the power to get you traffic that is both immediate and consistent. We believe in organic search results are one of the most reliable sources for achieving long term online marketing goals so we use organic search result.
Our team the potential of showing results very quickly in terms of traffic, sales, and leads. The ultimate goal of the marketing campaign is to generate the highest possible Return On Investment (ROI). So you can easily trust us and the quality service we provide for our customers.

Why Agkiya Media for PPC Services in Patna?

Agkiya Media provides the best PPC service in Patna. We always use paid tools for our clients. We also use CRM tools to Build healthy relationship with our clients and give you daily updated about your task.PPC in Patna is very common but the best service you will get from Agkiya Media. We understand how important is your customer and that is why we provide the best account manager for better coordination. Customer support is our first priority and that is why we are always available for the customers and whatever their requirement is. Our project manager is always there to help you out at any problem you face regarding your project. Our monthly, weekly and daily progress report help you to know how your website is running and what is planned for coming Month. So if you are still thinking that you do not need any PPC service for your business then you are totally wrong. Without PPC service it is impossible for you to increase traffic for your business Quickly and If you don’t want to get traffic and leads quickly then it is ok we also provide SEO Services in Patna you can rank your website in google for free but it takes at least 2 to 3 months to rank on the top of Google. we provide the best PPC service in Patna. There are Number of benefits when you hire us for your business like you can easily determine when you want to have the ads running and how much you want to spend for your targeting a specific audience. Since you are only paying for the clicks so it will depend on you how much you want to pay. We can assure you that our service will give you 100% benefits. Agkiya Media is a PPC Company in Patna which you can trust easily as you will optimize your marketing cost. Above all, everything we do comes from the perspective of a business owner, and we treat your business like our own. And if you need all Digital Marketing Services in Patna contact us we are always ready to help you.